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Sustainability Anti-Corruption Policy

With accomplishment of the customer satisfaction based on the products of the highest caliber, DK Lok Corp. aims to comply with the followings in order to be the company trusted by our customers as well as all of our stakeholders by carrying out our business duties in a fair and transparent manner while fulfilling our social responsibilities.

First, We promise not to give or receive any corrupts such as the money, hospitality, regalement, convenience, gift or others relative to any stakeholders in any case while refraining from getting involved in any corrupt or illegal acts in discharge of our business duties.

First, We comply with all of the statutes related to the prevention of corrupt, the requirements as per the Anti-Corrupt Management System and the related internal regulations, instructions and business procedures.

First, We strive to continuously improve the Anti-corrupt Management System by establishing the objectives for prevention of corrupt and by actively carrying out the measures for achievement of them with the aim to manage the corruption risks.

First, As soon as we come to recognize the violations of this policy or the code of conduct or any other corrupt practices, we immediately notify them in accordance with the established procedures and strictly protect the informant from any disadvantages or retaliation in the course of the processing thereof.

The members of the company who fail to comply with the Anti-corruption Policy shall be strictly disciplined in accordance with the related regulation with the result disclosed to the other members of the company. The management of DK Lok Corp. shall not grudge any support for the efficient implementation of the Anti-corruption Management System.

Representative Director of DK-Lok Corp.